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A Great Place
to Gather

About McCloud Dance Hall

"A warm, soft glow emanates from the maple hardwood floor. The hall's huge open expanse seems primed and ready, beckoning and inviting for dancers*".

Nestled at the base of Mount Shasta, in McCloud, California, the McCloud Dance Hall has stood as a pillar in the community since its construction in 1906. Its rich history, and stunning location, make it the perfect gathering place for any event. The McCloud Dance Hall features a 5,000 square foot sprung dance floor, a large meeting room, and kitchen, which means the Hall has all the room you need to seamlessly host your event.

In its early years, The McCloud Dance Hall hosted many a Friday night dance, Saturday night soiree, and served as a weekly meeting place for the local community. Locals loved gathering here to enjoy live music by the Hottentots, a favorite local band that originated in the 1920’s. The Hall was used as a lodge and community space through the 1970’s, when it became Dance Country: the square, round, and ballroom dance center for the area. It’s been utilized as a cafeteria for the McCloud Lumber Company, a school gymnasium, and meeting space.


*Quote taken from "Duo Offers Dandy Time for Dancers". Suzanne Mackie Bordelon. June 1990.

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