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A Note from Kristin

Embarking on  this incredible journey as a steward of  McCloud Dance Hall is true honor. Our commitment  extends beyond  preserving the rich history - we aspire to enhance it by meticulously renovating and restoring the building. 

- Kristin

Dance Hall History


Kristin Cunningham

In 2022,  Kristin Cunningham acquired the McCloud Dance Hall with the intention of restoring the space to bring people together through fellowship, music and dance.  The Dance Hall will shine once again!


John and Melissa Rickard


John and Melissa Rickard started their adventure with the Dance Country in 1998.  John and Melissa  continued to offer square dancing that the Abbots had started. They expanded into different kinds of music and retreats.   They also rented out the space for large yoga retreats and Weddings of 200 to 500 people.  The Rickards ran the Dance Hall until John passed.


Dave and Suzanne Abbott


After two years of renovations, Dance Country was born.  Dave and Susanne Abbott purchased the building from the Masons and began offering Square and Round dancing  in 1979.  Dance Country grew and attracted folks from up and down the California coast,  Sacramento and Oregon.  The hall was filled with dancers from May through September. The Abbots enjoyed 20 years of  bringing people together.

1918 - 1976


 From 1918 - 1928 the building was used as the highschool gymnasium.  The second floor was added in 1914 and used for the Masonic meeting  space   The stenciling was added in 1928, by a firm from San Fransisco hired by the GM of the mill.  In 1933 the  hall was used as a  temporary cafeteria  for the mill workers. In 1942 The National Guard used the banquet room to store supplies.

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